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Skytrekker Aviation

Testimonials and Reviews for Skytrekker Aviation and Sue Ballew from happy, satisfied pilots.

Testimonials and Reviews for Skytrekker Aviation

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Dion Weisler
President & CEO HP Inc.


I have always operated by the principal that if you are going to do something, do it well, do it obsessively, be the best you can be and lay strong foundations. When I committed myself to become a pilot, I signed up for a lifelong journey of learning and growing. As the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, I have a lot of people that depend on me, so it was of paramount importance to me that I find an instructor that would work with me to make me the safest, most diligent and capable pilot I could be.

I spent a long time researching flight schools and instructors in the Bay area and refused to compromise on finding the very best experienced coach that would guide my journey. After significant due diligence, I signed up with Sue and she not only lived up to her tremendous reputation, but she went above and beyond to ensure that she solidified strong foundations that would stand me in good stead for the remainder of my aviation journey. She was relentless in her pursuit of perfection in the foundational skills associated with stick and rudder coordination, landings, situational awareness, process and procedure, radio work and more. In her pursuit of this perfection,

Sue would always work to find new and creative ways to adapt her teaching style to make her point and provide the patience to ensure that we spent the right amount of time until the skill was nailed. She then stitched it all together into a tight package to form a cohesive and well rounded set of basics that will stand me in good stead for years to come. Since my private pilot certificate, I have gone on to my instrument rating, multi-engine rating, sea plane rating and am working on my Gulfstream type certificate. All this would not have been possible without the strong skills and foundations that Sue instilled in me during my Private Pilot training.

Sue was able to work with me in advance to knock out a schedule that made sense for both of us, not an easy task given how busy we both were.

I could not recommend her highly enough.

Glenn O

San Jose


Sue is a fantastic flight instructor. I was specifically looking for a female flight instructor with deep experience as both a pilot and instructor. She definitely fit the bill. She helps to make complex issues clear, welcomes questions, helped to find answers to some of my questions that took me deeper into understanding the "why" of some topics.

I had experience with another flight instructor who was not nearly as effective. My club also does phase checks (with other CFI's) that gave me additional exposure. All of this reinforced that Sue was the right choice for me.

Peter R.
San Francisco, CA

[5.0 star rating]

Sue's been my instructor for around a year and a half, and instructed me through my Private Pilot certificate and various airplane checkouts. I'm happy to highly recommend her. Above all she's a very professional pilot, and she'll teach you to be one as well.

If you're 'just' looking to take an intro or discovery flight (I say 'just' because it's rather easy to get hooked, myself being the textbook example), she's amazing. She knows the area well, is incredibly conscious of safety, and I'm sure will do everything in her power to give you a beautiful, and unique, view of the Bay Area from the sky.

If you're looking for a CFI...

Sue's an incredibly experienced pilot with an airline background, and she uses that to great advantage.
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Phil N.
Saratoga, CA
[5.0 star rating]

Sue is a great instructor! She provided training for my private pilot certificate and did an excellent job. As I am in my mid-50s and my pilot time is getting shorter every day, I needed the best instructor that I could find. Definitely consider Sue for any of your aviation training needs. 
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Mo B.

Santa Clara, CA
[5.0 star rating]

I worked with Sue for 3 years to get my private pilot certificate and I would highly suggest that if you are thinking of ANY aviation training to reach out to Sue.

So let me start off by saying it took me 3 years due to changing clubs, aircraft, family issues and work (of course).  When I was able to buckle down and focus I would tell Sue what my next goal was (solo, cross country, night, check ride etc.) then we would really focus on that.

Sue has so much experience and she really brings that to her teaching.  Here are just some high points of what I found helpful:

1.  Sue highly encourages student introductions - this is great because you meet other students at all levels (ahead of you so you can ask questions, same as you so you can commiserate, and just slightly behind you so you can also guide and build your confidence). 
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Raven T.
San Diego, CA
[5.0 star rating]

Sue's Great!  

Sue was my flight instructor for my private pilot license.  Sue is a great flight instructor with an inspiring dedication to her craft.  She goes over and beyond the norm for her clients.  Safety always comes first with Sue.  Her knowledge and experience in flying around the bay area was invaluable for learning to fly in a very busy environment.  Her website, was a great tool in the learning process and also links you to many other flying resources.  

I have since moved on from her great instruction to a commercial flight school to pursue a career in aviation.  With out a doubt she has given my the perfect platform to build on!  Thanks Sue!


Ben Follis
Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems

The San Francisco bay area is not an easy place to learn to fly. SFO is right next door, even the small airports are busy, and runways are frequently surrounded by water, rising terrain, and residential areas. Fortunately for me, I had Sue Ballew as an instructor. 

Besides being a phenomenally good pilot Sue is absolutely dedicated to providing top-quality instruction. If I didn't get a maneuver, or was having difficulty in some area, she would patiently explain or demonstrate as many times, or in as many ways as was necessary. 

Most importantly to me, she was invested in my success. From her I learned to fly safely, to fly with precision, and above all else to enjoy my time in the airplane. If you are looking for an instructor you can do no better.  October 9, 2010, Ben was Sue's client

Patti Cobb
Professional Musician and Piano Teacher at Musika Lessons

Sue is a patient, knowledgeable and extremely competent instructor, with a clear passion for flying and a gift for teaching. Her lessons are organized, well-thought out and clear. She's also very enjoyable to fly with! I highly recommend her.January 12, 2013, Patti was Sue's client

Patrick V


"I highly recommend Sue as a certified pilot instructor (CFI). She is highly qualified and experienced, and has a passion for flying. Although she will not train you to fly jets, I like that she was a professional airliner pilot because it validates her level of professionalism. She also has thousands hours of experience as a CFI, and her knowledge of the field is truly impressive. 

If you are looking for a CFI who can train you well on how to fly a single engine aircraft like a Cessna, as well as everything you need to know to get you out of trouble the day you need it, Sue is the one. With her, you will form good habits and that is a good part of flying safely. I feel like I am being taught by the best, and I would not want less quality when it comes to my training".      

Facebook Reviews

Tracy J. Schwenson
July 23, 2014 

I highly recommend Sue and Skytrekker Aviation. Sue is very professional, has excellent experience, and a great personality. You won't be disappointed. Cheers:-)

Peter Campione
July 21, 2014 

Any of you who check out this page, believe that this woman can provide you with everything she promises. I was a former employer of hers and she is responsible for my current success and now my first book. An amazing woman who will will make your dreams a reality. I love her!

Judy Johnson

5 stars 2014

Sue gave an Australian Fulbright scholar and hopeful woman in space her first private airplane experience. Beth the student was awed, and Sue was a marvelous guide in the air. Memorable!