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Learn  Mountain Flying so you can fly to Tahoe for the weekend, the Rockies, or just about anywhere there is high terrain and be confident with your Flying Skills.

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Mountain flying can be fun but very challenging, therefore  a thorough checkout, including one to two hours of ground instruction is recommended.

Mountain Checkout

During the mountain checkout we will cover aircraft performance and density altitude, flying over high terrain, oxygen requirements, high mountain airport operations, suitable landing spots in the mountains, pre-flight planning, filing flight plans, unique hazards, and most important - weather.  (Reference: Sparky Imeson - Mountain Flying Bible)

Usually we spend about two hours ground one day, and then the actual flying another day.  Plan for 3 high mountain airports -- usually Tahoe, Truckee and either Blue Canyon or Georgetown, or Mammouth, Lone Pine, Bridgeport, or Pine Mountain Lake.

Although a C172 could make it to Tahoe or Mammoth, It is prudent to take a High Performance airplane (greater than 200HP) into the mountains.

You cam transition to a More Complex Aircraft with advanced flight training. 

The C182

The C182 is the logical move-up choice from the C172 or C172SP.  When you want to carry more passengers or cargo, and go a little faster, this is the ideal airplane. It qualifies as a high performance aircraft (greater than 200HP) so you will need the "High  Performance" endorsement to fly this aircraft, which you will get with a checkout.  West Valley Flying Club, and San Carlos Flight Center have a number of C182s, including several G1000 models.  

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