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Skytrekker Aviation

The Family of Cessnas is ideal for your Flight Training.  Cessna offers a variety of dependable, easy to Fly airplanes with avionics packages to fit your needs.

G1000 -  Garmin 1000 Glass Panel

Standard Six Pack

G1000  - Garmin 1000 Glass Panel - Round gauges available

G300 - Garmin 300 Glass Panel

Cessna 182 Skylane

4 Seat

230 Horsepower

Max Gross Weight:  3100 lbs.

Max useful load:  1186 lbs.

Usable Fuel:  87  

Cruise Speed at sea level: 150 KIAS

Cessna 172S Skyhawk  

     (the most popular trainer for flying lessons)

4 Seat

180 Horsepower

Max Gross Weight:  2550 lbs.

​Max useful load:  895 lbs.

Usable fuel:  53 G

Cruise Speed at sea Level:  126 KIAS

C162 Skycatcher

2 Seat

Horsepower  100

Max Gross Weight:  1320 lbs.

Max ​Useful Load:  490  lbs.

Usable fuel:  24 G

Cruise Speed at sea level:  118 KIAS

Aircraft for Flight Training and Learning to Fly